IT Forensics

Are you computer-minded with an inquisitive nature or knack for solving puzzles? Imagine uncovering the truth through technology. With more and more crimes being committed with the use of computers, IT forensics provide secure computer environments while also collecting and analyzing digital information. If you’re interested in the world of fighting crime, via computer, then consider earning a certificate in IT Forensics at NDSCS.

This certificate, when paired with one of the Information and Communications Technology two-year degrees (such as an A.A.S. in Information Systems Administrator), will show versatility and provide advanced skills in IT Forensics.

Navigate your way to a job as a computer security or information technology specialist, computer forensics technician or cybercrimes investigator.

Upon completion, students will be awarded a certificate in Information and Communications Technology with an emphasis in IT Forensics.

For more information

Contact a Fargo Programs Coordinator at 701-231-6935 or request enrollment assistance.

First Semester

Course #Name (credits)
CIS 128Hardware I (3)
CIS 164Networking Fundamentals I (4)
CIS 241IT Forensics I (4)
CIS 282Computer System Security (4)
FYE 101Science of Success (1)

Second Semester

Course #Name (credits)
CIS 129Hardware II (3)
CIS 242IT Forensics II (4)
CIS 284Managing Network Security (4)
ElectivesENGL/COMM (3)
PHIL 210Ethics (3)

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