Information Technology Support

Businesses need knowledgeable IT support professionals. You can step into that role by earning a certificate in Information Technology Support from NDSCS.

Learn about today’s newest technologies and focus on the knowledge and skills you can apply to current workplace situations. You'll receive hands-on experience in:

  • Networks
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Operating systems
  • Server management

Upon completion, students will be awarded a certificate in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Information Technology Support.

All courses can be applied towards an Information and Communications Technology A.A.S. degree.

For more information

Contact the Fargo Programs Coordinator at 701-231-6908 or request enrollment assistance.

Information Technology Support – Certificate

Updated course schedules can be found each semester here.

Course #Name (credits)
First Semester
FYE 101Science of Success (1)
CIS 128Hardware I (3)
CIS 212Microsoft Windows Operating System Client (3)
Second Semester
CIS 129Hardware II (3)
PHIL 210Ethics (3)
Wellness elective (2)
CIS 164Networking Fundamentals I (4)
Third Semester
CIS 165Networking Fundamentals II (4)
ENGL 110College Composition (3)
Fourth Semester
CIS 197Internship (1)
CIS 220Operating Systems (UNIX) (3)
CIS 244Web Server Management (3)
CIS 191First Year Seminar (1)
Total Credits34

Information Technology Support Fact Sheet

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