Administrative Affairs

The function of the Administrative Affairs Division is to serve and satisfy the needs of our students, faculty, staff and our business and industry partners through a quality learning atmosphere that motivates them and gives them the ability to carry our their individual missions. The Division shall strive to enhance the overall mission of the college and the University System.

Haverty Hall 139 | 701-671-2217

Dennis Gladen, Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Auxiliary Services

 Dennis Gladen
Interim Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises

Auxiliary Services provides support services for the Wahpeton campus and surrounding communities and the NDSCS-Fargo location. Services include residential dining, retail dining, catering, and Bookstore and Mail Center operations located in the Hektner Student Center in Wahpeton. Bookstore operations are available in the Fargo location during opening week events each semester.

Business Affairs

Keith Johnson
Chief Financial Officer |  Business Affairs Office

The Business Affairs Office produces all accounting and financial reporting for the institution. Areas of responsibilities include receipting, accounts payable, travel reimbursement, accounts receivable, 3rd party billing, financial aid disbursement, compliance, budgeting and financial statement preparation.

Facilities Management

Dallas Fossum
Executive Director of Facilities Management

Facilities Management provides support services for the Wahpeton campus and NDSCS-Fargo location. Maintenance, Purchasing, Motor Pool and Central Stores Offices are located in the Patterson Maintenance Center in Wahpeton.

Grants Management

Jodi Ost
Grants Director

NDSCS’s Grants Management Office works with faculty, staff and administrators to research, develop and write proposals that advance the mission and strategic plan of NDSCS.

Safety & Payroll

Ann McGray
Director of Safety and Payroll


The Safety department coordinates occupational and environmental health programs. Programs include safety and risk management, accident prevention, loss control systems and training. Also serves as the point person for NDSCS Tobacco Free Campus and CEO Cancer Gold Standard as well as the Command Officer on the Emergency Response Team, who is responsible for developing, planning, implementing and coordinating processes to protect the safety of our employees, students visitors and property.


Payroll provides tasks necessary to accomplish the organization’s payroll processing objectives, including relationships with external auditors and state and federal agencies.

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