Academic and Student Affairs OfficeHaverty Hall701-671-2416
Academic CounselingHaverty Hall701-671-3000
Academic Services CenterMildred Johnson Library701-671-2256
Administrative AffairsHaverty Hall701-671-2217
Alumni/FoundationHarry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center701-671-2247
Arts, Science and Business DivisionTech Center701-671-2295
Athletics DepartmentClair T. Blikre Activities Center701-671-2281
Auxiliary EnterprisesStudent Center701-671-2439
BookstoreStudent Center701-671-2125
Business Affairs OfficeHaverty Hall701-671-2216
Campus PoliceStudent Center701-671-2233
College OutreachTech Center701-671-2206
College Relations and MarketingTech Center701-671-2245
Dining ServicesStudent Center701-671-2321
Distance EducationHorton Hall701-671-2238
Enrollment ServicesHaverty Hall701-671-2203
Extended Learning DivisionHorton Hall701-671-2488
Facilities ManagementPatterson Maintenance Center701-671-2313
Grants ManagementHorton Hall701-671-2696
Human ResourcesHaverty Hall701-671-2903
Information Technology ServicesStudent Center701-671-3333
Institutional EffectivenessHaverty Hall701-671-2619
Instructional TechnologyMildred Johnson Library701-671-2190
LibraryMildred Johnson Library701-671-2298
Mail CenterStudent Center701-671-2227
NDSCS DaycareNW College Complex701-671-3210
President's OfficeHaverty Hall701-671-2221
Print ServicesHorton Hall701-671-2230
Purchasing/MotorpoolPatterson Maintenance Center701-671-2211
Student and Residential LifeRiley Hall701-671-2224
Student Health and Counseling ServicesRiley Hall701-671-2286
Student Success and Career ServicesHaverty Hall701-671-3000
Student Success CenterHaverty Hall701-671-3000
Technologies and Services DivisionTech Center701-671-2243

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